2018 Rolls-Royce Dawn for Sale near Dallas, TX

January 31st, 2019 by

If you demand the most exceptional features and style available, then the 2018 Rolls-Royce is the luxury car for you. Every aspect, down to the minutest detail, has been thoughtfully and meticulously accounted for, resulting in a vehicle that meets even the highest expectations. To learn more, pay a visit to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Austin to speak with a knowledgeable staff member. We’re looking forward to your visit!

From the first moment you lay eyes on the 2018 Dawn, you’ll never want to have another vehicle in your garage again. Exquisitely crafted and effortlessly customizable, you’ll be able to choose the accessories and amenities that best suit your personal style, making your Rolls-Royce a truly unique statement. For example, you can choose from wheel designs such as 20-inch diamond-turned and 21-inch fully-polished alloy. In addition, when the sun is shining and you’re heading out for a cruise, you can easily retract the roof and feel the wind through your hair. This ride exudes so much class and sophistication, onlookers won’t be able to help but stare as you cruise by on your way to The French Room.

Of course, underneath all that surface beauty you’ll still find a staggering amount of power in the 2018 Rolls-Royce Dawn. The standard 6.6L V12 powertrain generates an awe-inspiring 563-hp and 605 lb.-ft. of torque, putting some serious muscle under your command and enabling the Dawn to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.8 seconds1. As if that weren’t enough, this Rolls-Royce is also equipped with a self-adjusting suspension that accommodates for every bump to create a silky-smooth driving experience. Don’t worry about having to make frequent stops just top off the tank—the Dawn achieves a satisfying 28 MPG hwy2 fuel rating, meaning that the joyride doesn’t have to end as soon.

Thanks to the jaw-dropping array of interior amenities, you’ll find that your every want and need has been taken care of by the engineers at Rolls-Royce. Natural grain leather offers the perfect place to relax, while hand-cut wood veneer accents give the Dawn a nature-inspired appearance. Turn every excursion into the experience of a lifetime with optional accessories like the Cocktail or Picnic Hamper, the latter of which includes lead crystal wine glasses, stainless steel cutlery, and Wedgwood crockery. Keep things cozy by upgrading to the lambswool floor mats that can be matched to your interior’s color for the ultimate in style and comfort. When you’re behind the wheel of the Dawn, boredom won’t even be a part of your vocabulary.

If you like what you’ve heard and wish to learn more about the 2018 Rolls-Royce Dawn for sale near Dallas, TX, stop into the showroom at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Austin to meet with one of our sales professionals. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you start crafting the car you’ve always dreamed of.

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