Your Guide to the Rolls-Royce Warranty

The genuine Rolls-Royce Warranty is included with your purchase, and it protects you against defects in parts and workmanship for up to four years. The Rolls-Royce warranty period is only delimited by time; you won’t have to worry about any mileage limit when you’re planning repairs or making an appointment. Gearing up to bring home a new vehicle of your own? Find out what else is included with the Rolls-Royce ownership experience today.

What’s Included with the Rolls-Royce Warranty?

Rolls-Royce ownership is unlike anything else you may have experienced in the past. That’s partly because your warranty coverage is regionally-specified, so you can be absolutely certain that your vehicle is receiving the services it needs as you drive through San Antonio and Dallas.

Additionally, your Rolls-Royce warranty always includes a service contract, so you’ll automatically receive the basic maintenance that can set you up for success in the coming years. You’ll also enjoy four years of Rolls-Royce roadside assistance coverage.

What Happens After the Rolls-Royce Warranty Period?

Is there a Rolls-Royce extended warranty? In fact, there are two ways to extend your coverage out past the initial four-year term:

  • If you purchase a Rolls-Royce Providence Pre-Owned vehicle from a participating dealership, you will enjoy up to 24 months of additional warranty coverage, even if the initial Rolls-Royce warranty period has come and gone.
  • There’s also Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive, which comes with all new Rolls-Royce vehicles made during or after MY2003. This Rolls-Royce extended warranty can push your warranty coverage and your service contract out for an additional two, three, or five years of coverage.

No manufacturer would offer this level of coverage unless they were supremely confident in their vehicles. Of course, it’s not hard to see why they take so much pride in their handcrafted motor cars.

Learn More with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Austin

If you’re anywhere near Austin or Houston, our trusted Rolls-Royce dealership would be glad to assist you with any pressing questions or concerns. Whether you’re just learning more about the Rolls-Royce warranty, or you’re ready to shop and buy online, we’re here to help.

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